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About Punk Science

Punk Science Studios is a software and digital media development house specializing in stylized, creative, and modern content. We push for excellence in in all disciplines related to our craft. We believe the secret to great interactive experiences is in the subtle details -- the nuances of engineering, art, sound, and design.

The studio is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Started in 2015 by veterans and leaders with decades of experience in development of the some of the most popular console and mobile titles in in the world. Seeing an opportunity, to marry the indie development ethos with the quality and efficiency that AAA experience brings, Punk Science was born.

What We've Done

Punk Science has worked with clients ranging from video games and entertainment to retail, medical and educational institutions.

Macy's Parade Time Traveler

Punk Science partnered with New York-based Pirate / Shark / Dinosaur to deliver a broadly-scoped app for the Macy's Parade celebration on an impossible timeline. We are proud to have delivered on time with a low budget an an app which includes elements of 360 video, VR, AR and photo manipulation.

Macy's Parade Time Traveler from WALTERS on Vimeo.

Macy's Parade Time Traveller

Occupy Human

We're currently working on Occupy Human, a unique top-down sci-fi horror experience being independently developed and self-published.

Contact Punk Science

Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss business, games, craft beer, EDM or to just say hello!